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Sign-up and choose your session bundle: you can purchase a single session or in bundles of 6 or 12 sessions.

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Check the weekly session schedule and book the activities that interest your child.


Book a session

Book the activities that interest your child. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to join the session. 

Access the online session

Before the session begins, place your child in a comfortable and distraction-free environment, and click on the link to connect to the session.

Enjoy 40 minutes of peace of mind

Your child is taken care of by our educators. Enjoy 40 minutes of peace of mind.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions after consulting our FAQ. 


What is SOSsitter Virtual Babysitting?

SOSsitter Virtual Babysitting is a live online session with educators or highly experienced childminders who take care of your child 40 minutes at a time.

Which age bracket are the sessions for?

The Virtual Babysitting sessions are designed for children between the ages of 4 and 8. Sessions are given in groups of maximum 6 children.

What are the different types of sessions offered?

Each session is themed: arts and crafts, drawing, storytelling, multi activity, etc. Choose a session whose theme appeals the most to your child!

Should I prepare specific supplies before a session?

Certain sessions will require specific supplies, in which case they will be clearly indicated in the session description. For a more enjoyable session, please make sure that all the supplies are within reach of your child before the start of the session.

What are the benefits of SOSsitter Virtual Babysitting?

SOSsitter Virtual Babysitting provides you with time and space to concentrate on your professional responsibilities, your domestic tasks, or simply to have a break, while knowing that your child is occupied in a safe and stimulating space.

Which videoconferencing service do you use for the sessions?

We use the Zoom video conferencing service. Please make sure to have it downloaded and installed on your computer before the start of the session.

What technical equipment do I need to attend a session?

To ensure the session runs smoothly, some technical preparation is necessary. Be sure to have:

  • Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer;
  • A stable internet connection;
  • A big screen with a camera (preferably a desktop computer or a laptop, no phones please) set on a stable surface to avoid any movements of the screen;
  • A computer with an audio system in good condition.
Is SOSsitter Virtual Babysitting’s payment system secure?

It is extremely secure. We use the payment system STRIPE. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe make use of best-in-class security tools and practices